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Nancy Rabinowitz, born and raised in Manhattan, is a self-proclaimed beach girl with an innate boho-sporty aesthetic. Mixed with her city-girl influences, Nathan & Moe fashion and fine jewelry are known for their effortless combination of boho-rocker edge and sophisticated timelessness. 

Nathan & Moe jewelry was born in 2002, when long-time friend Dylan Lauren, also in the process of launching her own business, put Nancy in touch with a creative business consultant. Within months, Nathan & Moe, named after Nancy's 2 grandfathers, was being sold in many of NYC and LA's most coveted boutiques, with celebrities, stylists, and discerning fashion insiders starting to take notice as well. In addition to creating her Nathan & Moe collections over the years, Nancy has also worked on several private label projects, including design & collaboration for Ralph Lauren, Dylan’s Candy Bar, Diane Von Furstenberg, and Stella & Dot.

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