Christiana Kafa
Christiana Kafa is a Greek Cypriot jewelry and accessories designer. She studied Marketing and Communication and worked in multinational corporations in Athens before realizing that her true passion and vocation was handcrafted jewelry.
In 2014 she launched her first line of bracelets, rings, earrings, and necklaces in silver and gold with precious and semi-precious stones.
Her jewelry pieces are a journey into the unpretentious allure of the minimal that captures all the dynamism hidden behind the essence of simplicity and elevates in the most timeless way every kind of style!
For the past five years, Christiana has been collaborating with Madame Figaro Cyprus designing their annual Breast Cancer Bracelet.
She won first prize in the category Precious Eternities at the prestigious A Jewel Made in Greece Awards 2019.
Christiana’s work is continually evolving by exploring and developing her creativity in her artistry and craft.

Christiana Kafa

Balonia Bracelet

60.000 KD

Christiana Kafa

Lampsi Bracelet

10.000 KD